October 8, 2017

“The Illinois Berniecrats are proud to endorse one of our own—Steve Schwartzberg—as a candidate for Congress in the Illinois 5th District.  Since meeting with Steve 90 days ago we have learned that his family history is deep in Progressive leadership, and we have come to know Steve both in person and in his writings, and we know that he stands, as he says, “with Bernie Sanders and the peaceful political revolution that Bernie has helped to launch.”  Steve has embraced every point of the People’s Agenda articulated by Our Revolution wholeheartedly and enthusiastically.  His background is unique in having served both as the Director of Undergraduate Studies for International Studies at Yale University and, more recently, as the building and office manager at one of the two churches in Lincoln Park at which he is a parishioner.  His personal story shows a long-standing devotion to social democratic principles—evident in his published work over the decades—and a deep resiliency and capacity for growth and perseverance.  After many years in which his principal contributions were those of an academic, and a volunteer helping to provide free meals and free clothes to the homeless, in 2016 he returned to his Progressive  roots in politics canvassing door-to-door for Bernie in Iowa and Wisconsin.  Determined to do more after the November elections, as we all must, he holds promise for winning a district that Bernie carried in the 2016 primaries and turning that Congressional seat into a platform for our program and principles.”

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January 10, 2018

“A passionate pro-labor Social Democrat.” That is how Steve Schwartzberg was described in an October 2005 review of his first book in the journal Foreign Affairs. Throughout his writings—whether he is talking about American support for the postwar land reform in Japan that benefited millions of small farmers, or American support for democratic working-class movements in Latin America in the 1940s, or the failure of the United States to respect tribal sovereignty that culminated in the genocidal Trail of Tears and Death in the 1830s—Steve has shown himself to be a consistent champion of social justice and of social democratic principles.

As a high school student active in the SDUSA in the late 1970s, Steve helped lobby the Congress to help rescue the “boat people,” the hundreds of thousands of Indochinese refugees risking their lives on the South China Sea to escape communist totalitarianism. As a college student in the early 1980s, he helped raise funds to be smuggled into Poland to help the Solidarity underground in its fight for democracy and free trade unions. In recent years, he has volunteered, and helped organize volunteers, to provide free clothes and free food to the homeless, canvassed door-to-door for Bernie Sanders in the primaries, and then canvassed for Hillary Clinton in the general.

Steve has championed Medicare for All. He has championed a Marshall Plan for America involving massive investment in the nation’s infrastructure as well as a national commitment to “decarbonize” our economy. And he has championed a Freedom Budget for the 21st Century with which to begin to abolish poverty through investments in education and housing and job training. Steve has always stood for what the American people could do to help themselves, and the rest of the world, to build a more just, prosperous, and ecologically-sound future.

Having fought for many worthy causes over the decades, both at home and abroad, the SDUSA is delighted to endorse Steve Schwartzberg in the Democratic primary in the Illinois 5th District.

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