Here are my five top issues:

Universal Health Care
Massive Infrastructure Investment
A Foreign Policy for Civility
Respect for Tribal Sovereignty
A Freedom Budget for the 21st Century

But there are many reasons to vote for social democratic leadership for the Illinois 5th District:

✔ Affordable Public College
✔ Montessori-style Pre-K for All
✔ Invest in Public K-12 Education
✔ Decarbonize Our Energy System
✔ Overturn Citizens United
✔ Guarantee Family/Medical Leave
✔ Raise The Minimum Wage to $15
✔ Support Union Organizing
✔ End the War on Drugs
✔ Restore Eisenhower Era Tax Rates
✔ Stop Endless Military Spending
✔ Support Civil Rights
✔ End Anti-LGBT Discrimination
✔ Expand Social Security
✔ Train the Police in De-escalation
✔ Demilitarize the Police
✔ Bust up the “Too Big to Fail”
✔ Welcome Refugees and Immigrants
✔ Support Planned Parenthood
✔ Follow Australia’s Example on Guns

Among our purposes as a people in sustaining our nation, our Constitution speaks of providing for the common defense, promoting the general welfare, and securing the blessings of liberty to ourselves and to our posterity. Rather than campaign on “bullet points”—although I do offer a few—the first three links below are to extended essays on each of these topics.

The next two links are to published articles of mine that deal with examples from the history of American foreign relations in which our government’s officials did more good than harm because they were concerned with the common good, and with the rights and interests of others, and not merely with our own advantages–an approach to which we should return.

The last two links offer my positions on a range of contemporary issues.