Steve Schwartzberg

I am running for Congress because I am a social democrat and Mike Quigley is a centrist—a Hillary Clinton supporter in the primaries and someone who hasn’t yet signed on to HR 676, for example. However, I have no interest in disparaging him. I simply believe that my more progressive politics, and my background, would enable me to better represent the district. Above all, I think Democrats have to be focused on the programs and policies we advocate for the country rather than on being “not-Trump” or primarily focused on Trump’s abuses. I enjoyed Quigley’s introducing his “Covfefe Act” as much as anyone, but whether people are cheering Trump or jeering at him, they are playing his game. There was an essentially social democratic consensus in this country for a generation after the New Deal. I am running to help rebuild and improve that consensus—to be part of the nonviolent political revolution that Bernie Sanders has launched—and to encourage others to sign-up as well.

As Bernie says: “Enough is enough. This great nation and its government belong to all of the people, and not to a handful of billionaires, their Super-PACs and their lobbyists.” I would add that we can’t lose: I may or may not be elected, but this campaign will contribute to a movement to take back our country from the 1%.

Vote for social democratic leadership for the Illinois 5th District:

  •  Universal Health Care
  •  Free/Affordable Public College
  •  Transform Our Energy System
  •  Overturn Citizens United
  •  Guarantee Paid Family/Medical Leave
  •  Raise The Minimum Wage to $15
  •  End the War on Drugs
  •  Rebuild Our Crumbling Infrastructure
  •  Raise Taxes on the 1%
  •  Stop Endless Military Spending
  •  Expand Social Security
  •  Train the Police in De-escalation
  •  Demilitarize the Police
  •  Bust up the “Too Big to Fail”
  •  Welcome Refugees and Immigrants
  •  Support Planned Parenthood

The artwork above, “The Valley,” is a painting by Nick Fisher. It presents a hopeful view of a peaceful, prosperous, and ecologically-sound community.